Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bwren's Playhouse!!! Hours of m'fun!!!


Selma said...

"Hours of m'fun" is exactly right. Joshua LOVED to go to Bwren, Debbeeeee, Chesey, and Mitol's house!!! I don't even know how many times a day he would come up and so innocently say "Bwren's house" or "Debbeeeee's house" and if we weren't going that day, I'd have to tell him "tomorrow" and he'd be satisfied. Joshua even walked over on his own one day!!

But the playhouse will always be special to us. And just to remember just one experience there, here are some words from Glenn's funeral talk:

"I don't know if any of you noticed, out in this foyer, there's a Rubbermaid container with a bunch of dirty, broken toys, and another container holding a bunch of dirty, broken toys. And in the rubber maid container, the front has been cut out. Let me explain that. We have a playhouse in our backyard, and there's a slide. And Joshua would come over and he'd throw all the toys down the slide, and it fascinated him, I don't know why. Well, simple mind. It fascinated him and he would just throw them over and over again, but when he was done, they were all over the yard. So I got a cardboard box to catch them. Well, that didn't last very long, so I went to Wal-Mart, got a container, cut out the front, and it made it a lot easier to pick up his toys and give them back to him. I think his record was like 4 hours straight once, just throwing those toys down the slide, into the Rubbermaid container until he got hungry or something.

Well, as you've heard in some of the talks, Joshua wore a diaper, which meant that sometimes it was what Doug got, or was it Jeremy, what Jeremy got, and sometimes it was the other one, okay. And if you changed him in the house you needed some pretty strong spray so that you could stay in the house. Well, I learned that if I changed him in the playhouse it freshened up a lot quicker, because there was a lot more air outside than in the house. So one day I was changing his diaper, and while I was changing his diaper, I noticed a wasp nest about 2 or 3 feet from his head, that had been being formed without our knowledge and I didn't see it until I was changing that diaper. Well, the worst thing I could have done was look at it, because Joshua notices a lot of things you don't think he's going to notice, but I just kept looking at it, and right when I got his button buttoned, finishing the diaper change, Joshua grabbed that wasp nest – it had about 20 wasps on it at least – and he just held it and looked at it. Of course my face was about a foot away from that wasp nest, and now the wasps are crawling all over his hand, and I freaked out, he didn't. And I grabbed his hand and hit the wasp nest out, and now the wasps are flying all over the place. So I grabbed him, I pushed him down the slide, and I followed him down that slide. And when we got to the bottom, he said "ow." And I thought, "oh, he got bit by a wasp." And I checked him, and I checked him, and I couldn't find any bites. And I didn't have any either. So I e-mailed that story to our whole family. And I think it was Vickie that said, "the wasps knew that he was no danger to them." Somehow they knew. Because I guarantee if I had picked up that wasp net, I would have had bites all over me."

(Uncle Bwren)

Janson said...

he is a pro toy thrower.