Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Joshua...My Hero!!!

Can you imagine if there were more Joshua's in the world. More people would say Hi to strangers to lift their spirit. More people would give hugs to loved ones in moments of desperate need. More people would love life just because life is meant to be loved. Thanks Josh!!

You will be missed forever.

Uncle Doug


Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Mark and Joshua at Pine Valley (it's my screen saver). They look like they are just having a normal conversation. Of course, to the trained eye, it appears that Joshua is either saying, "Where's Selma?" or "Wa Hapn?" I think that he probably is still asking those questions.

Aunt Vickie

Selma Anna said...

My hero forever.

Selma Anna said...

Jamie wrote a paragraph on her hero, and received a 10 out of 10. Here are her words: Joshua Eisenstat was autistic and handicapped. He had 2 to 5 grand mal seizures a day and countless mild ones. He broke his jaw and teeth and many other things falling from a height of 6'1" when we could not catch him. He was 110 pounds but ate like a pig. The first thing he did when he came out of his seizures was say "hi" and look at us like why are you all around me. He had no self help skills and could never be left alone. Yet he was the happiest person I know and he was always so positive. Even when he was laying in the hospital bed with kidney problems he was smiling and laughing. Every time I took Joshua out to the store, I met at least 10 new people because he shook everybody's hand he saw and gave them a high five. Up until his last conscious breath he laughed although it was very weak, he still managed to make everybody's day. He died of an enlarged heart that we didn't find out about until his last 45 minutes of life. He is my hero because he taught me that no matter how hard your trials are, you can still be the happiest person on earth. He was what you call a "perfect example."

Nancy Allred said...

Joshua was our hero also. We love to remember him, and his high-fives, and cute questions. He loved people. And he loved life. We miss him so much!